Your Majesty

By- Arunima

To the throne, O Patriarchy
I claim….
To the throne, I….beseech
A fair chance of law to follow and not breach,
to share my passionate tale of woe…
its Destiny ,
Whereby I met thee though,

A tall, pretty king,
having his virility carved in his pride crown,
First love… whispered this mind with voice down,
Mine gut butterflies grooving on beats, Slamming me guilty,
Difficult for me, was to bring myself back to stability,
Speaking in his dreamy, husky voice,
“A tempting little minion she is, a perfect choice! ”

There was nothing so very remarkable in that..
But brought a smile to wrinkle my face fat,
Mirth and joy filled my organ as an aid,
For I was now… his lucky maid,
Poor Sara, her lord did not accept her small art work,
Her talent must lurk,
My man…. Did Let me sing, and teach!
After all, luck is not the same for each….

Nothing more could I do he said, cause I must be frail,
A bird he used to call me…. his nightingale
But I stand, today, here your majesty
as am not myself anymore….
Last night, my fingers curled up to his,
a regular chore…
But health did no good to please him,
For the first time had I been so dim,
A twit, was I, to have said the forbidden two letter word,
my innocence did make me cry…..
“Love is blind, and lovers cannot see, the pretty follies that themselves commit. “
My ignorance I thereby admit,

Hang me thy majesty,
Hereby…. I stand,
Am guilty for the second time,
Pleading justice in your land,
First Love,
what a beautiful lie…
Want to feel the buoyancy as I die,
He said am his bird,
Now I need to fly,
the never-ending path trailing high…..

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