Your Master

You say it's a choice, only because you cannot see
All the power and control you have bestowed upon me
It comforts you to be healed by my lies and my deceit
We are close the longer we are I will be harder for you to defeat
I have seen you with smiles, more often with tears
Yet you try to blame me,it's your face you see in the broken mirrors
I have stolen your happiness, replaced it with my blade
And when you try to leave me all your mistakes get replayed
So you come running back for another taste of lust
Only to desert me again, nothing felt for yourself but utter disgust
Can't accept love from others, you have no self respect
So it is me you call on to help you neglect
I promise I won't let you forget all the wrongs you have done
This war is not over, yet I know I have it already won
For it's your guilt and your regrets forever spinning faster
You are my puppet,and I -Dope- will always be your master

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