Your Mirror

To be misunderstood is not a reflection of you, it is a block in the vibrations between two people. Two people who may share similar values will still travel a very different path. One may take the paved path, another may choose to navigate through the brush taking nature’s unscathed “joyride”. The meeting place yet the same. There are only good intentions, it is the eye of the beholder how this may be perceived. Honesty is harsh salt thrown in a wound when truly it was just pure water; however, perception is reality.
Life is hard I want to be a soft place only, but I will always be your mirror. My lips speak what your ears hear in the world, I wear no mask. My heart loves deeply, my opinions passionate, my being intense’s who I am. I work to better myself daily, I listen when spoken to and I hear you. Change takes time and it is an unwavering, never ending mission called life.

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Being brutally Honest is a blessing and a curse. I will always be your mirror ask and you will receive. I pride myself on my honesty it has brought loved and made enemies. I will not compromise who I am to please you.