Your name crosses my mind

Sitting here all alone,
Wishing you were here to hold.
Left home once again
Luckily other family let me in
I have constant thoughts
And I want to die
But then your name crosses my mind

Busted knuckles and bad thoughts on my mind
I take a sip from my bottle wishing it could be the last time
But then your name crosses my mind
I throw my bottle and begin to break down
If you saw me like this that beautiful smile would turn into a frown

As I lay here through the night and cry
Thats when your name crosses my mind
I know I tend to screw up alot
But somehow you see past my mistakes whilst others can not

The first time I said I love you my lips trembled and I felt something telling me what I said was true
And tears formed in my eyes as you said it too
Thats when I realized, I absolutely love you

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