Your Nightmare

You walk on down the darkest road A shakend mind is what you hold
Just keep going is what your told and then to them your soul is sold
Real world shows your stomachs achin sweatin bullets heart is pacin
Your afraid just of the night ghouls and demons gives you frights
Will you die you just might hoping to see morning light
Dead children walk beside you you see them and they remind you
Of the ones that you say hi to no faces as they walk by you
Babies hanging upsidedown gashes on their head they're leaking
You feel bad but you won't frown bullets will grow eyes seeking
Let needles enter your skin understand the world your in
Inhale your pain like oxygen do you know now let's begin
You walk on down some broken stairs
Break your legs you start to swear
Screaming out someone come help me
And take me out this nightmare

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