Your not alone

Each day life takes its toll,know that your not alone.
When it seems that the world is really cold know that
your not alone.Your not alone Day or night your not alone
in the fight. Life hits hard and can knock you down to the ground
but its up to you to stay down or lift yourself back up.
Dust yourself off and pick up the pieces. Their are many like you, so know
that your not alone. Life will hand you the good,bad, and the ugly,we must
take it day by day. For me there is no other way. One problem at a time.
Don't overwhelm yourself,don't put to much on your plate. Lets simplify it
life can be broken down into two expressions, smiles and frowns. Some days will
be better than others and those are your smiles so rejoice!. Other days they will
be the exact opposite and those are the frowns. On the frown days take a deep breath
and know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
Always look for the rainbow at the end end of the storm.I too have been
and am still going through my own set of storms which is why I can
relate and say your not alone. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Always
remember the harder days are a test,but if you pass it then it will bring out your
best. And know that sometimes the ones that are with you through the good times
will fail you when bad times come. Don't expect to much from human beings,
at some point someone you count on will fail you when you need them the most.
The less we expect from people the less disappointed we will be.
Keep your head up and move forward no matter what and always take solace in
knowing that your not alone.

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