Your Not Normal Your An Angel

Sometimes God sends special people
When we least expect it
They do little things that mean so much
These special people know what to say or do
They come into your life sometimes forever and sometimes only for a short time
But for every min you see them they embrace your heart with endless meaning
I guess I'd call them an Angel
Because God only sends a few
They make you laugh and smile
And you can always tell them by their extraordinary style
You always find them among people they have lots of friends
Their always at ease being themselves
And you always have to laugh because they won't change for anything
Some people call these people stubborn I simply call them and Angel
These people are nothing less than great
If life could only have more of these people
But I guess it wasn't meant to be
But for these few selected by God
I'd like to Say thanks
You know who you are your just plain great
Some are still in my life today
Some went else where to be an Angel to someone else
But no matter where your at or if I ever see you again
You'll always be a special person
Who holds a special place in my heart

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