Your one and only

People say there are seven of me
But really there is only one
It's up to all of you if I am to survive
Or start to come undone
I can be fierce, I can be strong
And can put things where they don't belong
If you treat me poorly, do not hang around
I will swallow you up and you'll never be found
We have known each other for many long years
You've brought me times of happiness
But lately it's just tears
I am the only one you have
But still you keep on ravishing, my natural beauty
And perseverance are both slowly vanishing
It is sad to see that you have lost your manners
And most of all your morals
You dump pollution all around me, just go ask my corals
Can't you see that I am not garbage
Please stop treating me like trash
It makes me sad that you do not care
I'm crying with every splash
I'm turning grey here and that's because of you
Do you even really care if I return to my beautiful hue
I will choose to keep on fighting
If you show me more devotion, the choice is yours
But just remember, I'm your one and only ocean.

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