Your own light ray

It's horrible to feel pain this way,
When you can't even run way,
The entire world seems grey,
And you have no choice but to stay,
You're so happy they say,
But they don't know you fake a smile each day,
Exhausted on your bed you lay,
Every word and moment in your mind on replay,
You've gone astray, fallen away,
How much will you change, you're not clay,
You wish for someone to keep your problems at bay
But nobody is forever here to stay,
You see a girl in the mirror looking your way,
She says something you should follow night and day,
You smile and follow it knowing there's no other way,
It makes your problems back away,
Helps fight the demons you want to slay,
You gotta love yourself more than anyone each day,
No one but you is here to stay,
Only you can be your own light ray.

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