Your Shades

Your smile was a luminous shade of aurous
Glittering in the light that radiated from your body
But that same light cast a shadow over me
My voice becoming disabled in the darkness
No space left for me to bloom or prosper
Like the blushing azaleas in the thawing air

Your lips were a kissable crimson
Just like the crimson lies they conjured up
Because your words were not plush
They were abrasive like aged, rusted nails
Etching into my skin your defaming insults:
Revolting scum
Doltish animal
Nonessential matter

My world once was vibrant in colors
An array of clashing hues
Thriving with maroons and azures
Painting my character across the canvas
But your acidic colors tainted mine
Turning my heart into a burnt shade of ashy coal
Scorched from the years of your condescending aura
That bleeds into my tones and poisons my spirit
My world is now a sullen shade of tenebrous black

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This Poems Story

The person who inspired me to continue writing and evolved my love for poetry was Alecia Beymer. With her guidance, I was able to contruct pieces of work that convey my inner emotions.