Your Single Voice


Complaining about life is both easy and cheap
Surely to be ignored, like the bleat of a sheep
If the lonely shepherd heard many voices in his care
It meant the hungry wolves had left their stony lair

We see people picketing on the steps of city hall
Their cause may not concern us, we'll ignore them all
Pay attention to these people, from them take a clue
Hold firm to your beliefs, someone may listen to you

If you meet an activist and think her cause is just
Join your single voice with hers, create a little fuss
Others may unite with you, standing for what is right
Focus them on the task and our future will be bright

Even with a worthy cause, others want to keep us down
Remind them of our rights to protest on public ground
And if we are successful, do not become complacent
We may lose our liberties, objecting from abasement

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