Your Smile

You're calling me babydoll,
when i answer the phone,
you tell me you changed but the sound of whispers repeat in my head like
an old love song ,
I would drop everything ,
To be with you.
But i could never let you know how deeply my heart fell honest and true only for you every time youll hear me say
I'm not the one who changed,
you're calling me babydoll on the phone for today its all the same
So now I'm walking, walking out without closing my front door
leaving everything behind
not care in the world
so i'm letting myself go,
Free from you,
Free from everyone,
Only two people who knows,
There is someone new,
I fell in love,
with a man I've known ,
He came knocking on your door for you,
A friend of yours five years ago.
You tossed me to the side he was there always bringing a smile
never did we ever imagine
Or how did this become reality
He told me just the other day
I lost a new love
Because of holding on to a memory of you, you brought back
Walking on this sunny day
asking him,can we have another,
Anywhere, for a repeat of last night.
Shall we begin.
left again
because the memory of you
never erases
from my mind
as I'm sitting starring in the mirror no one to hear but me
singing my very own love song when the day you first called me babydoll. Now it's over in the past but you will come by just as you always have leaving me another memory to hold me back as you call me babydoll with a smile

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