Your the One

I wish you knew how much you mean to me.
Your the only one my heart needs my sunshine on a cloudy day.
My shelter from the storm.
The light to guide my way when I'm lost.
The stars in my night sky the fire to my flame.
The apple of my eye the one I need for all time.
The one who makes me whole.
The one who captured my heart and soul.
The one who makes my heart sing the only one I'll ever need.
Without you I'm not whole and just a lost wandering soul.
Your loving arms always keep me warm and safe from all harm.
Your my angel, my fate, my destiny all I need is you next to me.
I'd give the world for you to see what you truly mean to me.
My black and white, my wrong and right.
My night and day the only thing that makes me complete.
The one I need to win the race.
No one will ever take your place forever and all eternity.
It will forever be you and me.
So don't despair my love because that time is almost here.
Where we can be joined as one.

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