Your The Reason Why

Your the reason why, Why i feel the way i do.
Lost in confusion, not knowing what else to do.
I do belive i tried my hardest, the hardest i ever did;
but the more i keep on going, I can see you fading from my hands,
quicker than the wind could blow a leaf,
and you can see it dissapear in just a blink of an eye.

Your the reason why, why I drive my self to do the things that i do.
Hoping to let you see, how i really feel about you.

Your the reason why, why i keep on going,
and i don't want to give up; but please may something be difrent,
cuz i see the sand falling, and i know , time is running out.

Your the reason why, why this paper and pen meet again today.
Why i sit at dusk thinking.... Thinking,
feeling really really depressed.

Your the reason why , your the reason why i'm sad.
Cuz besides all the things that i do,
you don't seem to see that, "I" , love you.
And It sucks feeling this way for someone,
not knowing if they feel the same way about you.

Your the reason why , Your the reason why i'm sad.
I cant see what I did wrong, but if you can't see my love for you.

then that means.
my love.
is not for you.

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