Your Words

As I turned around, your words stabbed me in the back.
Not like a knife, but a dart,
paralyzing me in your cage of hatred and betrayal.
I couldn't move. I couldn't escape.
Your words enveloped me like a tight sweater,
suffocating me and forcing its way
into my mind, heart, and soul.

You waited for me to turn around,
yet spoke loud enough for me to hear.
Each spoken word echoed in my head,
no matter how far I walked or tried to run.

Why? Why did I care so much? Why do I still?
Because I hate you.
I hate you for building me up just to break me down.
For pulling me close just to push me away.
I hate you!
I mostly hate that I don't hate you at all.

That's why. That's why it hurts so much.
That's why I care.
And most importantly, that's why I'm stuck.
I'm stuck on you...
and your words.

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