Your words said Love. But your actions just Hurt

I See how you Look at me
I know what you say behind my back
your I love you's are empty
Your happiness is hollow

I Know what you think
You wonder what you did wrong
You wonder how this could have happened
you make my Pain and Sorrow worse

I'm Sorry my disease is an inconvenience to you
I'm Sorry I don't feel up to talking to you
I'm Sorry I'm not the daughter you wanted
I'm Sorry your disappointed by my pain

I hide it So you're Not made me
But your mad anyway
I hide it to protect you
but you See it as Not Confiding

I try to talk to you but all you do is yell
I try to be a part of the family
I'm trying but I cant
I'm slowly slipping away

your words stabbed me like a knife
you never hugged me Saying, "It's alright"
you never hugged me and Let me cry
There had to be a reason

you needed to know why
why did you need to know
I Needed You
you Let me down

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