Your World Is Bright

I sit and wonder about the world you might live in
Upon all that guilt and humiliation
I hear nothing but silence, very loud silence
I hear you with very quite pleads for my help

I see pain in your eyes beyond misunderstood lies
Constriction, stifle, a fear of what must certainly be true
I see you, the desperation of a heartless monster

I mark the amount of dark and uncontrolled thoughts within your mind
Attempted to be hidden behind a laugh, and a smile
I see a fake, a liar, and yet I still listen
I know how to read those like you, but you don't want to hear me

I observe birds who fill the open air, the sky scattered with purity
Upon beautiful feathers in which you could never compare to
I observe the insignificant, surrounded by the colors of the earth
Consequent to corruption, what have you locked away for so long?

I stand here before you as my thoughts run, just watching
I have understood more than I could ever, I just keep watching
I stand here wondering why you think I am your evil
I am slowly giving into your world
I see, I hear, and I am petrified

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