Your World

Whenever we spoke of love
Or anything we disagree of
She says, "A blissful ignorance is better
than suffering in my place"

Darling, it's an intolerable ignorance
You were looking for love in all the wrong places
You had it, but because of your greed
You will never be satisfied

You were doting over the wrong person,
while taking the love given with a selfless heart
for granted
You told me letting go was for the best

In truth you've given up the real love for another men
The man who I truly adored and was my world
I know you both too well, playing hide and seek
Let alone not knowing that's my favorite game

Now I see, I see the world through both your eyes
A world I do not wish to walk upon
Now I know, the world you both believe in
I apologize for my innocence, fighting for a place
In your present and trying to be your future

I surrender and will leave
Your greed is far too great
I fear not of you, but I fear of being engulf by greed, but
thank you to you both for letting me see
the world through both your eyes

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