Your Worst Enemy

When you realize there are two,
not two of you but two of them,
not just what but who are they,
they are you, but not you,
conjured by your own dark mind,
you may be scared of dark or heights,
but they are what you should be afraid of,
because locked away inside your mind is the dark you try to hide,
the pain you feel from lost loves,
and laments left unsaid,
you realize that although death creeps in slowly,
stealing life from within your breath,
the ones who make your downfall are the ones you don't let in,
because they are already present,
mind turned against you who held it dear,
because you never learned quick enough who you should have feared,
and now in your room alone,
you are racked with choking sobs,
they let you cry yourself to loss of breath,
and they replay hated memories over and over,
to get you to repent,
They are not demons lurking,
or cruel people who hate you so,
they simply are your thoughts,
that drive you so mad with pain,
for you remember ghosts and demons,
and your god to which you pray,
but why don't you put them by their-self,
and remember that as long as you live,
your greatest enemy is yourself.

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This Poems Story

I recognize that some people have hard times, and though they can blame anyone else for how they feel, I believe they need to understand that your own mind is the greatest enemy.