You're a Monster

I think about what happened,
And what you did to me,
I feel like I'm frozen,
Im stuck in these awful memories,
I lost myself because of you,
I lost all of my sanity,
Just because I wasn't a virgin,
Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt me

You act like nothing happened,
But you took what wasn't yours,
Now I have this reputation,
I'm known for being a whore,
But how's that fair to me?
Why should I be called a hoe?
Because you're a selfish coward?
Because you couldn't handle the word no?
There's a special place in hell,
Where losers like you go,
I'd watch you burn forever,
If the devil allowed me to do so

Here I am,
Sitting here haunted,
All because a selfish loser,
Just took what he wanted,
What hurts the most,
Is knowing you'll always have a part of me,
A precious part of me,
That I never gave to you freely

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