You’re all Victims

He must be going out of his mind,
Unknown bruises mark his body for his eyes only.
Stabbing thoughts from the voices inside seize his attention once again,
causing weak mindedness his eyes swim over, agreeing.
Focusing his omnipotent gaze on his victim on the cold eadge of a silver plated table
He starts to chant
Be gone,
Be vile
Be Ruthless
Sending the cynical thoughts out like a virus,
He engulfs another.
Smiling his evil grin his will is done.
He is darkness.
His infectious will hath be done upon me,
I have been affected..
Carring my newfound curse, searching for My new victim to chant,
Be gone,
Be vile
Be ruthless...
Locking my fiery gaze at you, my victim.

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