You’re Gone

All I wish is to endlessly weep in sorrow,
Let all my emotions one by one fall with each and every passing tear,
As they cascade down my cheeks endlessly
Something similar to a waterfall,
But I cannot.
My tears have limitations,
Although my emotions are not so kind as they are endless.
They stream endlessly like a void,
With every new emotion I feel,
I fall deeper into the abyss, slowly being drowned by my emotions.
And once the emotions have taken their toll and I drift to sleep.
Yet the sleep is not peaceful,
With my emotions in utter anarchy,
My mind begins to feel the overstimulations of emotions,
It begins to bring forth harsher emotions,
Along with painful memories,
That had once brought a smile or laughter
But now bring unpleasant and agonizing heartaches.
As the hours ticked away while asleep,
I awaking to fresh tears, and more heartache,
But with the constant cycle, I become immune,
Now all that is left is but a small sting,
And a scar on my heart:
All because you're gone.

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