You’re More Than What You Do

Outside with my doll, you're working on a car
Can I go for a walk daddy, yes baby but not too far
Your pockets are constantly piling, you fail to provide
Bills stacking, companies calling, mom starts working overtime
I hate it when mom cries, I can't help but to join in
You're seeing your family struggle
Can you comprehend?
Too young to understand, my daddy really isn't a man
A decade has flew, you're more than what you do
Who knew you'd be nothing,
when Grandma was something else
Who knew you'll break me down until I had nothing left
A helping hand, you're a man
Why can't you help me understand?
Why leave me and mom all alone?
You played us, you're so wrong
Can't even own up to your mistakes
What's your excuse for not putting food on my plate?
Save the stories for someone else,
I no longer want to hear it
I have a real father now, he boost up my spirit
Why take a real man away?
The world is so messed up today
The only father I ever knew is tucked away behind a gate
Florida is a little stretch, but I see him when I can
Thank you so much,
You showed me what it is like to be loved by a real man
Not biologically my father, yet you treat me like your own
Throw the sperm donor away and place the man on the throne

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