You’re Only Young Once

Your 'Pink Floyd' sneaks and your cut-off tee is all I saw.
Your Mohawk, really?--it made my eyes roll.
Every girl in the bar damn near crawled to get to you,
but I played it cool, I acted chill;
acted like your face didn't give me a thrill.
You strolled by like a motion picture, you smiled and evaded,
the way that my friends tried to dissect you with questions.
You took my hand, whispered in my ear "Let's get outta here!"
I can't lie, I love the way the girls' smiles faded into frowns.
But, people always say "You're only young once, right?"
Outside. Man, I'm high.......
Is this real? Am I leaving with this guy?
He seems so smart, he seems so bright;
Ahh, what the hell, you're only young once, right?
...Alone in the dark, fear and sobriety have taken center stage.
He abused my body, left me in that field, unclothed and afraid.
But, he seemed so smart, he seemed so bright;
So the story goes...."You're only young once, right?"

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