You’re the one I can’t help falling for

Love was not my cup of tea, For it is forbidden by the entire family tree
Locked away from me, Was no where near and all out of gear
Left me between the devil and the deep blue sea
Was for the best and felt on one’s chest
So I hid my heart with lock and key, Away from every selfish bee
So what if no one loved me? But how unexpectedly
You sold me your love for free
Lighting me up like a Christmas tree
We just fit to a t… felt artsy
With such a lovely smile will you forever dance with me?
So obsessed felt depressed, you so cold-heartedly left me shaken, When I realized… my heart was taken, when my emotions for you were awakened,
…was a bit too much for me to bear
and after long unseen, You cannot remember me?
Felt like you were up a tree. Oh, you were both far and near
But have no fear my little tear, I’ll hand you my love with its key
And all I’m asking for is you to stay with me
Love me unconditionally and light me up like a galaxy
We’re prefect, meant to be, almost mythically
With such beautiful deep eyes say you’ll forever dance with me
(… after all, we both know…, my dearest, sweet agony
….if coincidence keeps repeating, it is sure, our destiny)

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