Yours Truly

What meaning is given to a love that remains consistent,
To have one become a part of your existence;
Reaching into the depths of your spirit,
The dominion that lures one near it;
All that one wants, needs, and the pleasures,
What is it that creates treasures;
An exploration of all the worlds, near far and wide,
A treasure within you I discover a blessing never to subside;
Never having that one to treasure,
An unknown love that's without measure;
For what is found within vindication,
Absolute freedom of affection unleashed by the imagination;
Still living for a future that's uncertain and at times bleak,
With anticipation to observe what it is the soul seeks;
Allowing love to take hold of the spirit's foundation,
'Yours Truly' is the root of this dedication;
For treasures are isolated from the world and unvaried minds,
Transparent is the illumination of abundance in you I find;
With a longing to live this life to the highest degree,
What I detect in you is solely for me;
The value of my treasure holds untold worth,
With no intentions to share with the rest of this earth;
To treasure you in your entirety is my sole duty,
From me to you,'Yours Truly'!!!

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