Youse the Rat

Villainous rats
Ignorant rats
Didn't you know
That you was a rat
These are the words
Rat idol chit chat
It's a mouse race
You had it all wrong
Cheddar maze
Too big to fit
Because when you was small
You looked too alike
It was hard to tell
This is the tale
The truth of your tail
With your peering eyes mutated
To the exposure
Got one to many
But rats like leftovers
You grew up in the left shoe
Thought you lived in the right
But if the shoe fit
You'd sleep there tonight
Stinky places
Stinky faces
Watching the cat and its mouse chases
You're too big to get caught
Well taught in the thought
Not to worried
The scars been fought
The battle is over
The rat magic
Black taught
The kitties away
It was you who is bold
The mice look to you
Rat Moses the cold
Youse the one who told
Little mice follow
I will lead thee
Blame the nature
When you live in this shit
All you can do is either get out
Or embed in it
Rats do lie in waste
Think of their treasure
Abundantly clear
This shit is too much
Motivation to leave the sewer
Spread the plague
To the children
The pious was pied
Follow the piper
The music did lie
There is just one too many
To kill them all
You were given shit
As is your right
Shit don't need light
When given the shit
Grow the shroom
It is your magic
It is their doom
Although you are rat
Stuck in a cage
You won't change your sneaky ways
They can try to make you pretty
Give you a shot
Smear on lipstick
And call you hot
You have thick skin
And immunity too
All of the impunity
They give to you
Whatever they choose
You grin
That golden smile
They may kill one
They may kill a few
That rat magic you learned
It is they who will churn
At the sight of you

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