Youth Hysteria

Vodka burned our throats in a way
that our sins took our voice
I've thought of you
Yesterday, and the night before
As I let your taste overwhelm me
I can still taste your smoke
Burning my lips
My mouth
My taste
Marlboro smokes with the cup of Jameson you would always throw
Been a while
Since I've seen your face
No longer in my sight
I've forgotten the feel of your eyes
Pouring into my soul
As we swung from rope
While we tried forming our own nooses
as we lost our own control
Sitting in your car
As we let go our hold
This small town could not hold us
So we burned it down
Now I am in hysterics
For I've forgotten your hold
Its been weeks since I've seen your grave
Spat on it or have stepped on it,
I wanna dig my grave next to your
Since the cops showed up at my home
They said you overdosed
A needle in your arm, four a.m
But I know better
You meant to,
I still haven't left flowers
But I will soon enough
They'll be wrapped around my head
As I'll be dropped besides you
I"ll still taste your smoke
As we rot in six feet of dirt

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