Youth’s Romance

do you realize what you have created?
a disposition of false hope.
"oh god, i love you!" you stated.
looking back, i see it was a joke.
you took my naturally unhappy soul
and slathered on lies i loved.
you took my heart and poked many holes,
filled them with oracles that i am so loved.
do you remember that i was a skeptic?
i inquired you if this was real?
you said, "believe me and don't be a cynic.
i'll mend you and make sure you heal."
of course my ears resonated in all the pretty lies,
my doubts slowly drifted away!
some time did pass and we had a rise,
i enjoyed these blissful days.
it was too good to be true, i should've known.
you stopped believing i was special.
and just like that, i'm back feeling alone.
and i returned to my lonely schedule.
i really don't blame you. i'm nothing great.
but why were you just like that?
are you aware you that you manipulate?
well, now i feel like a brat.
was i strange? did i do wrong?
why did you lie to me?
it's okay, i'll turn on my sad songs,
and move on eventually.

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