You’ve Got To Get Away

By Da Poet   

There's times we need to get away,
and it doesn’t necessarily involve travel.
Stress from the job, a disagreement with a friend,
just leave it all behind get away and spend.

Spend time with yourself,
spent time with GOD,
spent some time drifting,
shedding matters of the mind.

Cast worries aside,
cast them to the wind,
do it for just a spell,
get better my friends.

Free yourself,
find inner peace,
turn off the switch and dwell,
and just release.

Everyone needs some quite time,
everyone needs some peace,
everyone needs rest,
so find a moment to sleep.

Problems derive from congestion and confusion,
take a break,
walk away,
prevent a contusion.

Trust me it works,
it’s been hard road running,
give yours engine a rest,
and I’m not funning.

Sometimes you’ve got to get away,
if only in your head,
remember heart attack, stroke,
because you could end up dead.


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