In a sea full of sharks and whales
I swam

I was a goldfish in your fish tank
I was a pearl among diamonds
You failed to see my beauty

For you, I was not enough
For you, I was but a fish in an aquarium full of mystical creatures-
those that you only hear about in stories,
those that you would never believe unless you saw them with your own eyes-
Yet I swam
Amongst thy.

Among the rarest and most beautiful creatures of the sea,
like the flower hat jellyfish and sea butterfly,
I swam.

I am but a squid,
Allergic to his own skin
and you, too, were allergic to mine

You failed to see my beauty and my honesty
For you could only see what you wished to see

You didn’t stop and looked at me even for a second.
If you had,
you would have seen me dancing and shedding my skin…
slowly becoming one of the rare ones,
shimmering and illuminating your life

dazzling for the last time,

I am but a firefly squid
in a sea of devotion
Still, I swim and (live until the day I die).
7 May 2018

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