Whirling wisps of fluffy clouds.
Hightop mountains reaching sky.
Waterfalls both big and small,
pouring down on ancient ground with sigh.
A place where legend and lore roam free.

Underneath the fog so thick,
lies trees and swamps of gloom.
Beware the murky waters deep,
for creatures lay await your doom.
A place where sick and beauty sulk.

Luminescent leaves light the dark path.
Glittering eyes protect your every step.
A safe secure forest where critters play,
where mysteries and lost lorn lay in depth.
A place of curious eyes and beauty galore.

Endless fields of rolling hills.
Countless flowers spotting dots.
Hidden caves and passage ways,
lay in least expected spots.
A place where history and secrets rest.

Far off in the distant lands,
lies unexplainable things.
Twisted space and time
with beasts untouchable by kings.
This is where no lands of lost lay.

What is this place you may ask?
Some say only in the mind,
while others say it was once real.
I can ensure you on behalf of my kind,
that this place is very true.

Beyond the human eye,
where no one can peek,
lies an unseeable veil,
as it covers what you seek.
A place known to few.

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