She is effervescence.
Every movement made with passion is effortless,
and is equivalent to her unspoken wants.
Words not yet formed between her pink precious lips,
but in her eyes i see it all.
How could something as little as golden specks,
paint a picture so free and ever changing?
They hold the map to her soul, to her desires, and fears,
and more and more details are added with each dropping tear.
They show that it's not her joy that keeps her going,
but her pain that keeps her strong.
The strength of a mother when all odds are raging against,
the hurt that's reoccurred so many times that she's lost count,
but is slowly forgotting more so forgiving with each passing day.
Yes, her blessed existence is my motivation,
waking up to a child's laughter and rolling eyes, my aspirations.
Her perfect beating heart my soothing lullaby swaying me to sleep,
oh how the slightest touch causes the thumping to pick up speed.
And in the moment of laying there in simple bliss,
my hand placed on her cheek she leans in for a kiss.
And in this i find my happiness, i find my serenity.
I find the key to the map,
that leads to the worlds greatest, rarest, most beautiful treasure...

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