Zaidi Made Me Do It

I'm staring at my desktop, wondering what to write,
my agenda is full, the deadlines are all so tight.
Whenever I have ten days, it soon turns to an overnight craze,
of how much I can do, without my mind turning to goo.
I might sound like a sixth grader,
but don't be such a hater,
(yes that rhymes, read it three times.)
Now stop judging my work, you're really a jerk,
try to be a little sympathetic,
I'm not too pathetic…
I've been sitting here for hours,
I don't even have time to smell the flowers,
no one can get a break,
that would be a big mistake!
Taking on high school is much like burning in hell,
you wanna cry but have no one to tell.
Here, it's an every lasting flick, flick, flick, of a flame,
with no one to blame,
but your own procrastination,
that condemns you to total damnation.
So take it from me, you better flee,
before you're staring at your desktop,
wondering what to write...

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