Like a single period in a long novel
I stood small, insignificant, hardly noticed
But bound to something much larger than myself
Looming, patient, wise - my teacher rose above me
An ancient canyon guard dressed in red, white, brown, green stripes
A great white throne glistened in the distance
Lessons abound if only I open my mind and listen with my heart
A rushing river made of single virgin drops
Destroys and creates its own sculptures time and again
Plants cling to rock walls at perilous heights reaching for the sun
Tears from weeping rocks feed their aspirations
Animals find solace and take the refuge to prosper again
Rivers, deserts, plateaus - custom made homes for each creature
Every season crammed haphazardly into a single space
A fertile oasis with lush greens, desert sands, painted canyons
Perseverance, creativity, passion, acceptance, stewardship
The essence of a life well lived
Historical records and future possibilities
The creation is one of beauty, mystery, and infinite wisdom
The novel started centuries before me
The novel will continue centuries after me
For a moment, I am crushed by my own insignificance
For a moment, I am uplifted by my own powerful connections
I want nothing more than to be part of the beautiful work
A single moment, a small space to claim for my own
And to turn my period into an exclamation point

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