I'm starting to feel zombified
I pass through halls like I'm nothing
No one madders much to me
and I don't madder much to them
I have two more years in this horrible place
Sadly I'm told the world is just the same
but somehow the faces manage to change
will it stay this way forever or will people decide
this is not they way they should want to live
because I would rather just go and die
will people become who they really are
or will they push their personalities off to the side
must we always hide in fear because
we aren't good enough for our peers
will we take what we have and embrace it
or will we hide it from the world
we shouldn't care about what we're not
we should care about who we are
and what we can do
this zombification is pulling me apart
I no longer know who I am or where
I'm going to start

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