Zoned Out

Are you there?
Or are you stuck in a moment?
Stuck in the moment of your deep and dark loneliness?
I don’t know since you won’t tell me
But that’s okay
Because I’m sending you this message anyway
Cheer up if you’re still alive
There’s so much you can still do with this life
Jump into your skin
Then the Universe will help your soul re-find your self-esteem
My hand is waving in your face
Just for a bit, come down & play in the flowers
You are still good enough
You are still worthy
Don’t be afraid of the World that hurt you
In every corner lies a cowardly monster
Learn from your past & don’t look back
Where do you think we get this World’s warriors?
I hate to burst your bubble of self-pity
But everyone gets hurt in this life
You aren’t special in that regard
If you want to be different from the rest of the World, you have to let it all go
I know there’s this tendency to be angry & blame somebody
And that’s okay too
But if you want to change the World,
If you really want to take this World by storm,
Then don’t be vindictive
You need to first and foremost start with forgiveness
Love this World ‘till the very end
Then maybe you won’t get so caught up in those painful moments

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