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About the Team

The Poetry Nation team is comprised of literary enthusiasts, writers, former English teachers, artists, and social media gurus, and our mission is simple: to keep the ageless art of poetry relevant today in a society vastly immersed in new systems of communication and new ways of publicizing personal expression. Our staff includes:


Our fearless leader and resident music enthusiast. She keeps our team on track and the numbers adding up while managing the wide variety of work that comes through our doors every day.


If there’s an energy drink and a discussion on obscure pop-culture details, Tim is mostly likely nearby. Between operations, communications and new projects, you might wonder when he has time to be our favorite restaurant guide.


A former English teacher with an eye for detail, Chandler is an old soul trapped in the modern age. She boasts an eclectic arsenal of life skills, but if she were a Marvel Comics superhero, her superpower would be plagiarism detection… so make sure the stuff you post is your own.


When logic and empathy are needed, Desiree is quick to step in. When editing, she focuses on preserving the author’s intent, making the poem its best version of itself. In her free time, she writes short stories, goes to the movies with her husband, a fellow nerd/geek, and reminds him ceaselessly that she graduated magna cum laude.


Our eagle-eyed workshop and shipping specialist keeps our team organized. Ed’s near encyclopedic memory of Oriole’s statistics and historical trivia keeps us on our toes throughout the day. When not in the shop you’ll find him managing our mailroom with the sounds of his favorite talk radio station playing in the background.


Our chief morale officer and afternoon nap coordinator.