Greatest Poems

If there’s one thing we all have in common at Poetry Nation, it’s that we appreciate a great poem. Of course, we enjoy the original poems we receive as contest submissions and the unique works posted in our online community on a regular basis, but we are also suckers for the classics!

Here, we’ve compiled our favorite works composed by some of the world’s most renowned poets. May these poems serve as inspiration and educational fodder for your own poetic handiwork.


First Love


Virginal Love

They Loved One Another

Bonie Lesley

Of Love To God

Day That I Have Loved

Picture Of A Young Lady

Birds Sing I Love You, Love


Years Ago

Questions Of Life

Hard Times

Voices at the Window

Joy and Sorrow

Drinking Alone

Prayer of St. Francis Xavier


Verses Written in a Garden

Jangling Memory

Ecce Puer

Under Canvas

The Star-Spangled Banner


Wayside Flowers