Reference Resources for PoetryOne of the best ways to master any skill is through careful study. Although unique thought and ingenuity are important components of being a great poet, there is also much to learn from reviewing well-established bards who came before us. Employing not only original work by famous poets, but also varied source material, articles, and other resources, our reference section is meant to broaden your poetic scope and enrich your own writing style. The more you know about your craft, the more proficient you can become in it.


Do you want to learn more about your favorite poets or read features about our previous winners? Maybe you’re looking for ideas to improve your own poetry and make it more impactful. Peruse our articles section and you’re sure to find information as varied and interesting as the poets who read them!


The key to writing good poetry lies in two stages. First, you must acquaint yourself with the best American and English poets of all time and study their work. Second, you must pinpoint the source(s) of inspiration from which you draw ideas, thoughts, feelings, and emotion and find ways outside everyday speech to express them.


To enhance your poetic experience, we’ve created a glossary of terms to help make sense of unfamiliar words and define literary devices you may encounter. Whether you’re looking to more deeply engage with language, experiment with form, or expand your poetic vocabulary, we want to assist you in your quest.

Greatest Poems

If there’s one thing we all have in common at Poetry Nation, it’s that we appreciate a great poem. Here, we’ve compiled our favorite works composed by some of the world’s most renowned poets. May these poems serve as inspiration and educational fodder for your own poetic handiwork.