Poet name

January 1–June 30

1st Place Winner

Ashe Cender / Tallahassee, FL
Nobody in Madison, Florida

Florida is empty.
Vast fields of sun-bleached and dying grass
creep upon unsuspecting homesteads
and burs settle in the feet of defenders.
Taste the pinpricks on your toes;
this blood is calm and clearly heard spilling to say “stay away.”
Nobody sits alone in Madison, Florida
looking at meadows of cows grazing fresh grass.
Skin and bone, they never eat.
Chunky coos in far off places are to blame.
Highland cattle, hailing Scottish, oldest of cows,
not a hoof has touched this land.
Florida is not home to the tender heat of peace.
Peace is found in the hustle of cities filled with sewer’s aroma.
Thorny stickers cling to the hem of Nobody’s pants,
gentle reminders as they scratch bare ankles that
Florida is empty.
Nobody in Madison, Florida floats
above ghastly cattle and hills of loneliness,
above Ashe passing through—they’ll be home soon.
Nobody stares at decorative scars
littered by unknown farmers plowing the grounds.
Madison, Florida sits devoid of a Walmart,
a bank, a mall, devoid of the rancid smells of New York City,
and Nobody says “C’est la vie,”
listening as the cows continue conversing about
dead grass and thorns in their hooves.

2nd Place Winners

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Elaralani Rivers / Santa Barbara, CA

Madeleine Sharp / Albuquerque, NM
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Del Swartzendruber / Anamosa, IA

3rd Place Winners

Tasneem Ahmed / Alpharetta, GA
A Storm and Matching Scars

Josephine Alberts / Seattle, WA
Magpie Syndrome

Jesse Alencaster / Galt, CA
Emotional Limerence

Mackenzie Bales / Scottsdale, AZ
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Carleen Bunde / Wallace, ID
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Angelie Buonto / Las Vegas, NV

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Amber Cannon / Marshalltown, IA

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The Fake Poet

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Gabrielle Coffy / Stamford, CT
To Be Almost Loved

Cynthia Contie / Vandergrift, PA
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Trey Cornelius / Owens Cross Roads, AL
Herds of Coterie

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Two Small Steps

Silvana de la Osa / Avon, CT
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Colby Feldman / Norfolk, VA
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Pedro Francisco-Jose / Victorville, CA
The Precipice

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Samantha Gardner / Santa Monica, CA
I Wish I Lived in This City

Germain Garibaldi / New York, NY
Villanelle of My Buzzing Queen

Torie Gibson / Goshen, IN
Advocate Ailment

Alyssa Greene / Clovis, CA

Alexas Hall / Phillipsburg, MO
Lost in Thought

Arissa He / Raleigh, NC
Wild West

Andres Jorquera / Acworth, GA
Falling in Space for a Slice of Cake

Katherine Kallas / Leawood, KS
Blue Green

Helen-Anne Keith / Chelsea, MA
The Trolley Driver

Beck King / Omaha, NE

Jessica Knapp / Santa Fe, TX
Whiskey Lessons

Constance Lawrence / Boca Raton, FL
Ugly Pieces

Lauren Lee / Fresno, CA
Sticky Fingers

Catherine Lee / Fremont, CA
Acheron Dive

Beo Lehmann / Reno, NV

Lance Levens / Savannah, GA
Cento: the Iterative Shortstop

Olivier Lubin / Port Saint Lucie, FL

W. Jeffrey Marshall / Scottsdale, AZ
They Came at Night

Alina Martel / Waconia, MN

Carlee Montgomery / Lewes, DE
Midas Touch

Ariel Perez-Blanco / Miami, FL

Eva Ramsey / Elizabethtown, KY
A Zebra with One Black Stripe

Kylie Ream / Dallas, TX
An Oyster Missing Its Pearl

Florence Richmond / Wauconda, IL
Country Road

Lisa Robinson / Nacogdoches, TX
Mommy Dearest

Amber Rushing / Manassas, VA
Early Morning Repairs

Leanne Singleton-Comfort / Colorado Spgs, CO
Vigil for a Falling Star

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Brenna Souza / Roy, UT
The World Must Go On

Cavyn White / Columbia, MO

Sohei Wu / Sunnyvale, CA
My Haunted House