Introduction to Rate Poems

One thing that has become clear to us over the years is that, more than anything, most poets yearn to have an audience for their work. They want their writing “out there” for the world to read. At Poetry Nation, we make that dream come true. In order to receive an audience, however, poets must all do their share, and the easiest way to do that is to read and rate poems from other writers. Click “Start Rating Poems Now” to jump in!

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Top Poems

    You Are My Rainbow

    PoetBrian Van Der Valk

    Between Two Roses

    PoetWilliam Romero


    PoetRobert Randle

    The Offering

    PoetJeff Young

    School Days

    PoetErika Jing

    The Native American

    PoetTonie Page

    Illusion Is a Reality

    PoetKiyin Spruill

    I Know You're There

    PoetMicheralyn Smith

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People Want Your Opinions

One of the greatest perks to being part of the Nation community is the ability to receive input from others and impart feedback in return. Rating poems not only ensures a wider audience for you, but it may also provide validating encouragement or constructive analysis for fellow authors, assisting them in future compositions. Rating poems is the best way to promote your own work and that of your peers. The more you rate, the more exposure your poems will receive.

Latest Poems



    Dark Dreams

    PoetLucy Guan


    PoetTiffany Davis

    Peace of Mine

    PoetWilliam Harris

    The War

    PoetWilliam Harris

    Cease fire by Khondoker Atiar Rahman

    PoetKhondoker Atiar Rahman


    PoetKhondoker Atiar Rahman

    Piece By Piece

    PoetKathryn Davis

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Make Friends, Share Poems

There are limitless ways to get involved within the Poetry Nation community. You can become friends with current members or invite new people to join. Connecting with other poets deepens your ability to share ideas, gain inspiration, and garner attention for your work. You might bond with a poet who gravitates toward like subject matter or who embodies a similar style of writing. On the other hand, teaming up with a poet whose style contrasts with yours might challenge you and stretch the boundaries of your own creativity. By sharing your poems and collaborating with others, you contribute to a larger poetic network and create a more diverse tapestry of ideas. Let’s shape the future of poetry together and make invaluable friends in the process!

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