It’s No April Fool’s Joke- April is National Poetry Month!

Why let the April showers get you down when it is the official month dedicated to celebrating poetry? Next week, April 1st marks the beginning of the 19th annual National Poetry Month! Read on to learn more about the history behind National Poetry Month and how you can participate this year!

national-poetry-month When Did National Poetry Month Begin?

 National Poetry Month was first established back in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets who believed that their craft merited a month dedicated to discussing and sharing poetry.

 How is Poetry Promoted During April?

 National Poetry Month has many goals, including highlighting the work of influential American poets, helping to bring the study of poetry back to the classroom, and increasing the rate of publication of poetry collections. Many organizations and schools team up to help accomplish these goals and more; it is important to share the incredible work being generated by today’s poets on a national scale.

How Can I Participate in National Poetry Month?

 So you want to get involved in National Poetry Month? There are countless things you can do to celebrate your personal love of poetry, including…

supporting small presses by purchasing their poetry collections. Smaller presses do not always have the resources to publish many poetry collections a year, but the ones that they do are certainly worth a read. Buy a few books, discover some new poets, and show your support for a vital part of the poetry world!

attending a local poetry reading. Colleges and universities, not to mention other venues such as coffee shops, often have poets come to give a reading of their work. You can attend one of these readings; bring a friend to spread your love of poetry to someone else!

encourage the study of poetry from a young age. If you have children, nieces, or nephews, try introducing them to kid-friendly poets such as Dr. Seuss or Shel Silverstein. This basic introduction to poetry could be the first step in fostering a lifelong love of it!

write your own poetry. What better way to celebrate poetry than to draft pieces of your own? Set yourself a National Poetry Month challenge, such as writing a poem per day or writing on a different topic every week. You’ll be amazed what kind of work you can create! If you like what you write, consider submitting it to our poetry contest and show your work to the world!

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