These are some of my writings, poetry, Philosophy of life & Love...
Entering a contest here made me think of a book where the editor himself
shuns how distasteful it is to even say the word Editor or guidelines to a Poet/Philosopher...
Rules and guide lines are not meant for poetry, Would you tell a painter " hay you cant paint the sky green"
For in poetry what you may see as a flaw is but its means to present its many paths in which it try's to portray to you...
Poetry is a creation within the mind giving birth to our dreams..
For it lives in thought & thought knows of no time nor space
or limits to contain it...
It should be taken as it is written... In time those words that seem out of place will find
its right place when you eyes have opened and you tip toed on that space...
Name of book referenced about editor "Poetry of the English Renaissance 1509-1660"
Copy write 1929.

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