Choices and Consequences



I was on my way to work the day I first noticed the man without a home
I remember shuddering at the thought of being so alone.
This man had no possessions, all he owned was what he wore.
Then suddenly an image came into my mind of who he might have
been before.
Still holding this thought in the eye of my mind, I wanted to ponder on it,
but I was running late for work, it was nearly nine!
Everyday after I would see this man, and for him I would say
a prayer.I couldn't look directly at him, because then I'd
see his despair.
As time went on it suddenly dawned on me that for days
I had not seen the man, so I inquired around and learned
that he had died. Well so much for the great I am
I thought as I sat and cried!
Yes, I must question a God,who would let someone
die that way? As I felt my anger rising " how could you? "
I asked my creator as I bent my head to pray.
Then I felt Gods"answer as it poured down into
my soul from His thoughts that dwell universally above,
The feeling contained a disappointment, but I knew
it was also filled with His love.
Then I felt the words of my GOD, " I brought this tired
broken soul to your attention, but with the eyes I gave
your heart you refused to look and see,
you know that I am a God of mercy. So his suffering I
would allow no more and I brought him here with me!

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