Corona-The Nightmare

Owner: bhavana


You became a rapid evolving day-by-day,
To stop you, we will try our best to find a solution,
IMPOSSIBLE is for those who do not try.
You may be strong and snake like venomous,
But we are sure that next era will never hear your name.
The new's rings in everybody's head and,
Everyone's heart won't settle until they hear the death of virus.
The world is full of fear,
By hearing the name corona virus.

As you swallow the people,
Doctors and nurses are waiting to see how to stop the jaws of the covid-19
From the time you arrived,
You made the whole world feel pressure.
You made many people dead,
You made many people suffer and
You made the whole nation feel fear,
But a wonderful better tomorrow is near for us to end this virus...

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