Everything all around us, have different meanings because each individual has his/her own point of view.
There are no sharp boundaries like totally true or totally false. Previously some features defined and imposed us like the realities
How can these defined, according to who and which principle at which system? Everything is relatively changing. That's the way it is, because the whole space is flowing in the dark matter ocean and all the circumstances changing rapidly. It is beyond something acceptances and reality on show, it is about the relativity and your point of view. Sadness is a gateway to happiness or wealth is beyond the green papers. The aim should be enjoying life. There is no ONE truth and it will change soon or have already changed for somebody!

Poems In This Collection

    • Time

      PoetGiovanni Gomez

      • Torments

        PoetAyo Harry

        • Misunderstood

          PoetL. Fields

          • A Psalm of She

            PoetKressa Phillips

            • Winding Path of Life

              PoetHandunnetti De Silva

              • labeled


                • TIME DILATION

                  PoetISIN ERENOGLU USTUNDAG

                  • STRINGS

                    PoetISIN ERENOGLU USTUNDAG