Love 1

Owner: Anthony Miller


Fly free my butterfly, spread your wings and enjoy the light.
Your colors are my joy your dance is my melody.
Soft and tender are your whispering words
But how they echo and resound high above the clouds
Heavenly is your presence, like a queen before her peasant
I worship your splendor and stand in awe.
Set free forever
Your chains will never imprison your beautiful soul again
Set free forever
You’ll never be tethered again.
So great a calamity to cage such beauty
Caged to a withering tree.
But true you grew
Like the morning dew upon the morning jasmine
Caressing my eyes caressing my nose
You seduced my every passion
The rocky path that led to you is now far past us
The stars above twinkle tears of love
Upon our future pastures.
Peace and harmony await for those who’ve fight for life
Who’ve fought tried and true?
Through the gates of hell so fiery
Love’s one true match has been set ablaze
A reminder ablaze to remind us what has past us.

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