Mindful Optimism

Sheri McKee

Owner: Sheri McKee


What does living mindfully with optimism mean to you? How do you find a path to living presently, of choosing hope when perhaps challenges want to insist otherwise? What brings you peace or solace or ability to listen to your inner voice? What words could be shared to help each of us find faith, hope, love, gratitude, positivism, humility, connection, a feeling of being grounded or whole or open, and more -- fill in with your ideas! This collection hopes to inspire creativity, connection and a way to share your unique approach to mindful optimism!

Poems In This Collection

    My Angel, My Angel

    PoetSheri McKee


    PoetSheri McKee


    PoetHandunnetti De Silva

    When Fears Creep in like a Creature

    PoetHandunnetti De Silva