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You Reap What You Sow

Had a wonderful career still hear all of your cheers
At every show in every row our eyes would meet
you rose to your feet in the Tennesse heat

That's when I'd come to know

To stay at the top be the cream of the crop
You can't slow down you won't be around
Be at the top of your game in every town

You reap what you sow

You and the Lord welcomed me aboard
You guided the ship on every trip

I just went with the flow
Played in almost every state met most of the greats
The advice they gave me you control your own fate

You reap what you sow

This would be the final show of a ten month tour
Use to name every city now I'm not sure
Times moving so slow
I stepped out on that stage I started to cry
Through that deafning applause how could I say goodbye

Only God knows

The crowd quieted down I told my band gather round
I looked out at these fans preying they'll understand

Then one came up with a rose
Together they all sang my first recorded song
I blew them all a kiss said so long

You reap what you sow


Don't ask me my Name

I lurk in the shadows not looking for fame
Just trying to get by don't ask me my name
Lets call it luck that Im still alive
I'll never be that person working 9 to 5
Lifes just a game and I play it real well
Already got my ticket I know I'm going to Hell
To some I'm the Devil to others St. Nick
My Life's like a candle with a very short wick
Just wanna be around to see my little girl married it's
my only request before I get buried
Getting caught not an option Im like a master of chess
Number one is my goal why settle for second best
Don't know why I do it, guess I'm to blame
I'm just a number with no assigned name
I'm just a secret thats never been told
My soul was the one thing I hadn't yet sold
Gonna give my two ladies the life I never knew
The Devil said sign here cause your way overdue
Who I am don't matter you can't feel my pain
Think you know me you don"t so don't ask me my name.

Mike MacDonald writer

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